Classic Swing is OPEN!

Happy Friday from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  As I write, it’s gorgeous outside with sunny skies and a temp of 72.  This is helping us dry out!

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You may be wondering, what’s happening since Hurricane Matthew rocked our coast?  The answer is that plenty of people have worked overtime getting Myrtle Beach golf courses ready.  For instance: Classic Swing is OPEN! We have been teaching since Monday following the departure of Hurricane Matthew over the weekend. We are still without power at the golf course, but phone lines are open during the day thanks to a generator! For our Classic Swing members, the rescheduled September bunker clinic scheduled for tomorrow will now be the 30 yard pitch shot due to bunker conditions.

Update:  Most courses are now open.  Course staff feel an urgency to reopen as soon as possible considering they are in the midst of the fall golf season that lasts approximately seven weeks through the third week of November and is integral to their annual bottom line.

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