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Good afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School! It’s been hot and humid but we’ve been very fortunate not to have to deal severe weather like our friends in Texas and Florida. Fall is one of the best seasons at the beach so I encourage you to register for golf lessons today!

…and now enjoy this Tip from Ted!!!

The Art of Visualizing

In the world of psychology it has often been noted that the body cannot tell the difference between something that is real and something vividly imagined. Therefore, real or imagined, your body will respond to the pictures you send to your mind. From your eyes, impulses are sent to the brain while the brain triggers conscious and subconscious responses in your body. Your body’s actions, reactions, and reflexes are dependent upon not only the pictures your eyes see, but also what you choose to imagine.

Do you see the golf ball going into the hole or into the water? Is your picture positive or negative? Most importantly is your picture vivid? Last month I shared with you a quote from one of my Golfing Machine mentors, Dr. Tom Tomasello. He stated, “Words trigger pictures and pictures trigger actions.” That statement supported last month’s topic, the importance of positive self talk. While on the golf course, adds Dr. Tomasello,  “If you can’t see it, you can’t execute it.” In order to accomplish a goal, you must vividly see yourself successfully completing the task.

When it is your turn to hit, you have thirty seconds to pull the trigger. Therefore, the time spent behind the ball in your address routine should be used wisely.  As discussed in the last two newsletters, this is a time to focus on calm breathing (August), use positive self talk (September), and visualize what you want to happen. Try to think of using your physical eyes for good pictures and your mind’s eye for the vivid imagination of what you intend to accomplish.                                                                             
 Breathing is your ticket for inducing a relaxed state of mind and body. With the tongue we put positive self talk into play, while our eyes are the means to produce pictures for a positive outcome. These three sources cannot be overlooked on your journey to playing better golf. See it, feel it, trust it!!

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