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Good Friday afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach.  We would like to wish everyone a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend!  Please enjoy our latest Newsletter!
Triple Crown Stretches:
Wall Touch, Ball Toss, Taught Towel
1. One Arm Wall Touches
Take your stance and get into your golf posture as discussed in the May tip. Place your trailing foot (for the right handed golfer, your right foot) exactly 24 inches from the wall. Now reach with your lead hand and arm and touch the wall behind you in a location that is behind your trailing heel. (20 reps)

2. Ball Toss
Again, assume your golf posture but now hold anything from a small physio ball to a light medicine ball, no more than four pounds, and get into your athletic address position. Your arms should be relaxed and freely extended down and

under your chin holding the ball.  The ball toss should be
done with a partner and the partner should stand 15 feet away from you and behind your trailing shoulder. Use your external obliques and turn your trunk as you toss the ball underhanded and across your body. This is a power load up move! (20 tosses)
3. Taught Towel
If you completed the above two exercises and needed a towel to dry off, be sure to keep it handy for the final

stretch. Begin once again in your golf posture and hold the towel by both ends, stretching the towel to keep it taught. Arms hang down freely in your address position. Now do 20 backswing load up turns while trying to reach for the sky with your right hand.  By keeping the towel taught you compliment both a stretch and extension exercise for power!
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