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The Summer season is here and from what I've observed while driving around, the courses are heating up!  Classic Swing is also busy these days assisting beginners, weekenders and advanced player lower their scores.  Did you ever wonder how someone advances enough to become a golf instructor or pro?  Read below:   

By:Andy West
"Attending a golf pro school isn't just about learning to become the next big thing in golf. The number of careers spawning from the booming industry has created a need for everything from golf club managers to golf club repair technicians. Those with a love of golf are likely to find a career that matches their skills almost perfectly.

It used to be that a calling in golf was typically something that had to wait until the retirement years. Now, there are many well paying occupations in golf that ensure an individual can pretty much find a job anywhere, any time. It doesn't matter if one prefers a hands-on job or an office position; the potential for a great career is realistic and viable.

Establishing a career in golf can greatly rely on having an in depth knowledge of how various business aspects function in this unique industry. From the public relations agent to the greens manager, there are a number of concepts to learn for success. Many of these require a good amount of study and are only taught in a classroom setting.

A good golf pro school is not only accredited, it has a well thought out curriculum that teaches just what individuals need for a thriving career. A number of schools offer both associate and bachelor degrees to their students in several different programs. Those who opt for higher degrees are statistically proven to have a better earning potential.

It is not uncommon for those already in the golf industry to bolster their career by furthering their education. The skills that are learned are not only valuable; it shows a great level of commitment to one's chosen field. There is no better way to show one's achievement than with an associate or bachelor's degree.

The golf industry is one that is constantly evolving and it is important that one be at the top of their game at all times. What students learn must be relevant and applicable to their every day career. With accredited curriculums that are approved by the state, students can rest in the fact that the skills and knowledge they receive is never outdated.


Upon completing a program, graduates can find themselves working for prestigious golf courses, hotels or even resorts. For those working in affiliated vocations, a degree in golf management may propel their career in directions they didn't know existed. There is nothing better than having a career that is exciting and challenging at the same time.

This type of education is also perfect for those who own their own golf related business. It can give great insight into not only better serving a customer base but creating an even larger one. Understanding the ins and outs of every industry from top to bottom is the formula of success for business owners.

Because this type of school offers a practical knowledge education, prospective students can look forward to an easy enrollment and admission process. There are no long, drawn out procedures and all who are interested are welcome to apply. With an accredited program, financial aid is often available for those who qualify.

As it is often said, anything worth doing is worth doing well. No matter what vocation an individual chooses, a golf pro school can have a person on their way to the job of their dreams in as little as two years. A number of golf schools also help students find job placement upon graduation. Those already in the golf industry can look forward to moving up the ladder with the new knowledge they gain."

Don't wait until retirement to enjoy golf.  Look to Classic Swing Golf School is you want to take the first step in the sound fundamentals necessary for a lifetime of more enjoyable golf.

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