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Good Friday afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School!  Spring is here and the area courses are busy!  Why not sign up for lessons; if you’re just beginning or a long time golfer, Classic Swing has the program for you!

Here’s a tip from Ted!

The High-Flying, Soft-Landing Bunker Shot

We are glad to see our Facebook friends are benefiting from the videos that accompany our newsletters! Along with this tip you will enjoy a shot demonstrated by Eddie Young, our head instructor and sand magician! Each month this year you will get a different short game shot with various conditions, and hopefully you will find a technique that works for you.

Last month’s mantra was PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS while remaining open to suggestions when practicing. This month we will discuss the high, soft, green-side bunker shot.

The following is your list of set up and swing cues:

  1. Ball position played  forward of center in your stance
  2. Club face open when assuming your grip
  3. Stance line open relative to club face alignment
  4. Swing with an upright long, high backswing
  5. Hit 1 inch behind the ball
  6. Finish high in the follow through

To hit the ball higher and softer from a green-side bunker you must swing harder with a more open stance and open club face. The closer you can hit to the ball, 1 inch verses 3 inches, the higher the ball will fly and therefore, the softer it will land. A steady head with a full finish will help achieve great results!

Please continue with the TripAdvisor reviews. We are seeing great results! And keep sending me those shots around the green you want demonstrated!

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