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Good Friday afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  I read a great article this morning in Golf Magazine about “losing your slice…for good”.  The writer states, “Fact: You won’t drive the ball far – or straight- unless you strike it with a square clubface.”  He goes on with the steps to correct it, which makes sense.  It also makes sense to me that most fixes can be corrected simply by Golf Instruction by Classic Swing.  Contact them today!

The first step in determining which golf school is right for you is to research and ask questions. If you’re in the area or you are planning a visit, Classic Swing is definitely your best choice.  If you don’t believe it, read below:

Posted 09 February 2016 – 12:41 PM

The facilities are top notch, video, training aids up the wazoo. They even CPM and test all your clubs and give you a written report on how it could be fit better for you etc.  My wife and Mother in law went and they are 1000% better than when they went in. Wife now scores in the 90’s regularly. She reads greens and putts better than I do now!  She wants to go back next year. They were lucky and had a small group, so they had one instructor for 3 people in a group.

Posted 09 March 2016 – 09:59 PM
Even if you iron play or woods are great I believe that a full 3 days of tuition on how to score from 100 and in will make a huge difference to how I manage my game on the course.  Worth doing for sure from my experience. And the courses there are great, Heathland especially. I am a 9 and I’m certainly looking forward to going next year.

Posted 20 February 2016 – 09:16 AM
Ted and his team are fantastic. I’ve been twice and would go back if I need it.

Classic Swing makes registering online for upcoming golf schools quick and easy. Register today!

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