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Good afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach! Hope everyone is having a great Friday, enjoy this great Tip from Ted!

Short Game Confusion

As the year moves along and we get into the swing of Fall, please remember this short game philosophy: 

Putt when you can putt, chip when you cannot putt, and pitch when you cannot chip!  

The logic behind this philosophy is that a golfer has more control of the golf ball on the ground than a golf ball flying high in the air. Also to note, before I begin describing the short game commitment verses short game confusion,



For this month’s short game tip, picture the golf ball at rest 5 yards from the green with the pin 30 feet from the fringe. In this situation, it is not uncommon to be confused by the multiple choices in your arsenal of shot selection. When looking for good results in golf, you must be committed. So choose your shot by playing to your strengths and commit to it. And remember, around the green, let the putting gods take over for good misses. 

You will not want to miss the awesome video of this month’s tip on Facebook!!
There you will see Classic Swing student, Dr. Tom Brown, execute a chip (the lower flying shot) because this is the shot in which he feels most confident. Although he was within 5 yards of the green, the fringe had not been mowed, therefore the putt was not an optimal choice. The topography demanded the chip and as long as it is a strength in Doc’s game, he will commit to that choice. If you go back to the January and February tips for using the putt chip method, this could also be a good selection for you once you become confident in it and then commit.


Eddie and I will join you next month in the bunker for some sand magic and remember, if you have a shot around the green you want demonstrated, send your question by email and I will respond! 
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