Classic Swing Golf School – Completed your Christmas shopping yet?

Good Friday from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach.  Completed your Christmas shopping yet?  We have a special for you!
What’s in the bag?

15% off and FREE shipping on all club orders!
Fill the holidays with joy and your pockets with  savings when you take advantage of this Classic Swing club special! Call us at 800-827-2656 , mention this newsletter, and we will take 15% off our regular price and ship them to you for FREE!
All orders must be placed by 1/31/17.
Here’s a quick tip from Ted!

Hitting Balls Standing on One Leg
Now I know some of you are saying, “Ted, it is hard enough to hit a golf ball standing on 2 legs!” I understand! But this is simply an awesome golf exercise to enhance your balance. (Do 3 to 5 shots on each leg then switch)
 Many blessings to you and your as we head into this holiday season!

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