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Hi once again from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  Some of my pasts posts were tips that focused on Inner Strength and how it strongly affects golf performance. This week I'm including one of Ted's tips on Fundamentals and how they relate to consistency.   Enjoy!
"Most of us have a routine at night before we go to bed. It may be as simple as brush your teeth, floss, rinse with mouthwash, wash your face, and spend a few quiet moments in reflection before we call it a day. A routine is also needed in order to consistently play better golf. Stretch before you hit balls, hit balls before you play, and practice putting one hour a week during golf season are some examples. This month I will address the routine needed to control the five fundamentals as you set up to hit every golf shot from putt to drive.

All good golf begins with good fundamentals, and they are grip, aim, posture, ball position and stance width. Everyone's routine should vary as to the order of how they go about controlling their fundamentals but none of the five can be neglected. Some of my profound instruction statements are," I have never seen a good golfer with a poor grip" and "If you can't aim the arrow, then don't worry about the Indian." The G. A. P. in golf is Grip, Aim, and Posture, so I'll begin with these since they are the most important.


Remember from the March 2009 newsletter that the ritual precedes the routine. I have already committed to my club and have taken my practice swing. Let the routine begin! First, always stand no more than ten feet behind the ball and position your body so that the ball is directly between you and your target. Now, get your hands on the club with a proper grip and immediately run an imaginary line from your ball to your target. Pick a SPOT no more than 2 feet in front of the ball on this line that you can aim your club face at as you address the ball. At this point, you are aiming your clubface at your chosen spot and not the target. The target is your spot so be precise.

It is now time to walk into the ball. With your feet together, set your toe line parallel to your target line and have the ball in the middle of your feet.

To obtain good golf posture, simply bend forward from the hips, add slight knee flex, and make sure your hands are under your chin. For your posture, think butt back, chest over the ball, and weight on the balls of your feet. Next, put your eyes on the target and move your lead foot towards the target and your rear foot away from the target. For the right handed golfer think short movement of the left foot and a longer movement of the right.

Grip, aim, posture, ball position, and alignment are your five fundamentals. Everyone has total control of this area of the game because the golf club is not yet moving. Control the things you can control and then you may have more control of the things you cannot.
Word of the month: RELAX

Affirmation of the week: Enjoy every day."

I hope you enjoyed this tip.  For more information on Classic Swing Golf School, please visit the web site.  Now get out there!!!


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