My game feels 20 years younger

I have been golfing for over 50 years, and for the last 10 years or so I have seen my distance steadily decrease. I was becoming more and more frustrated and less interested in golf. Then I went to Classic Golf Swing School. I made up my mind that I would truly try thier game immproving drills and instruction

The results have been astounding. I have gained at least 1 club in distance and much more than that with my driver. It used to be that I was always the shortest driver in my foursome. Not anymore! I have gained as much as 30 yards. I now make 400 yard and more par 4’s in 2 shots. That had not happened in years.

The tips that worked for me were the emphasis on hitting the ball from the inside and working on my strength and flexibility in order to generate more power. I no longer have to hang back in order to hit a stright and powerful shot. What a feeling to be able to swing harder and get great results!

I have gone to several golf schols over the years. None of them except Classic Golf Swing ever produced any lasting or particularly noticeable improvements in my ball striking. Thanks Ted and staff.

Name: Bruce King
City: Lexington
State: Virginia

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