Classic Classic Swing Golf School – Enjoy this tip from Ted!

A Tip from Classic Swing Golf School – Focus on the mental game

Good Friday afternoon from Classic Swing!  We’re having exceptionally beautiful but chilly weather this week.  If you live here or are just visiting, get out and enjoy a round of golf (or a golf lesson).  There are plenty of courses to choose from; as far as lessons go, Classic Swing Golf School is the one to choose.

Now enjoy this tip from Ted that focuses on the mental game.

My personal library of books that discuss the mind are not golf specific. They are intended to enhance your life, and that includes the game of golf. If you see a sentence or two in quotes as you read the next few newsletters, then it is most likely a phrase that I highlighted when I read it because I found it to be meaningful and useful. For this month, let me simply introduce you to my top ten quotes relevant to performance. Over the next three months, I will go into more detail and discuss why these concepts are so important to your golf game!


Keys to Performance:

1) “Believing in yourself is paramount to success.”– Ben Crenshaw

2) “If you want to build mental muscle then you must train the mind like you train the body.”–Ken Griffey

3) “Your mind influences how your body operates and not the other way around. Therefore, if you are concerned about how your body is functioning, focus on the mind.” –Jason Kidd

4) “Words trigger pictures, pictures trigger action, so your action reflects your words.”– My preacher

5) “Overtrying leads to underperforming.”– Bob Rotella

6) “At times, we all get nervous and anxious. Learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”– Phil Mickelson

7) “Limits begin where vision ends. Visualize success.”– Jack Nicklaus

8) “The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open.” –Gary Mack

9) “Be your own best friend, not your own worst enemy. Get over yourself!”–Olga Korbut

10) “Tension is our number one enemy. We must play to have fun.”–John Wooden


My personal library on mental training underscores that conditioning the mind is a daily process. Relaxation is the ultimate key in allowing one’s physical talents to reach full potential. For this month, focus on breathing, light arms, and not taking each shot so seriously. Try to make enjoyment your reason for playing, no matter how important the round. Smile a lot!

Ted Frick
2005 Carolinas PGA Section Teacher of the Year
Owner / Director of Instruction
Classic Swing Golf School (Located at Legends Resort)
P.O. Box 50955 Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
(843) 903-5560

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