Best Golf School Testimonial

This post is a letter from 2 previous students of the best Myrtle Beach Golf School, Classic Swing Golf School.  We wanted to share with you how much they enjoyed their golf training program.


Tina and I were greatly impressed with the complete program at Classic Swing Golf School. Aside from all the great techniques and mental aids that you presented, we were most impressed by the manner in which you and Eddie presented the instuctions.

Both Tina and I have been teachers at times over the years and ,by our measure, you are a superb teacher that makes every student feel at ease and included at every step of the program. Given the great disparity among students in both skills and experience you impressively communicated at the level each of us needed. Anyone can instruct but great teachers make students believe in what is instructed and want even more.

I was even more impressed with the way with which you engaged those who worked for you. As a leader I have learned that , we become successful when we fully understand our job is to do what it takes to make our people succeed. Your school and all we came in contact with fully exemplifies that fact. All your team are pros at what they do and the way they act with clients. The small touches, that included a bit of religious symbology at your school did not go unnoticed and reflects very positively on your character. As a teacher I applaud you, as a leader I salute you.

We thank you for a fun three days . You made us believers that with a little hard work and disciple we can , even at our age,  get better at this silly game that captures our imagination. See you in the future.

Best regards,

Jim and Tina M.

If you want to have the same experience that Jim and Tina did contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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