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Good afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School!  The temperatures have been very pleasant this week so I hope you’ve been out!  Today, I hope you enjoy this golf tip from Ted at the School.


Because this is a golf instructional tip, everyone should fill in the blanks of the title with the word G R I P since the golfer’s sole attachment to the club is through the hands.

(This article is written for the right-handed golfer and is only concerned with the top hand. Left-handed golfers should simply focus on the right hand when the article mentions left hand. To follow this teaching tip, use the pictures as a reference.)

There is one primary check point used to identify a good versus less than ideal grip. The anatomical snuff box, the actual pocket formed in the left wrist when taking your grip, must be placed on top of the handle (Picture # 1). With a weak grip, the snuff box is too far forward of the handle, but with an excessively strong grip, the snuff box is too far behind the center of the handle. I enjoy variations when it comes to grip styles and grip types, but when it comes to the snuff box, keep it close to the top of the grip to maximize the two functions of the left wrist in the golf swing.



The two main functions of the left wrist are to hinge and unhinge (cock and uncock) and turn and roll. The left wrist is a lever or a hinge arrangement in the golf swing; therefore, it is a power source. When the snuff box is placed on top of the grip, the left wrist can set properly (Picture # 2). The golf terminology of hinging, cocking, and setting are all interchangeable. They all refer to the process of getting the golf club properly loaded in the backswing. Loading is power!

The other function of the left wrist is to maintain clubface control. Referring back to the weak and strong grips previously mentioned, a weak grip will tend to leave the clubface open for a fade or slice and a strong grip will promote a closed face for a draw or hook spin. In order to keep the clubface square throughout the swing, the left wrist must turn during the backswing (Picture # 3) and roll in the follow through (Picture # 4). Roll, like loading, is another power source!


Uneducated hands can make the game of golf mysterious. Begin with your top hand and make sure the hinge is properly located. From there, learn the cocking and uncocking of the wrist and then the turn and roll. Most importantly, keep the grip pressure light and the wrist supple. It is tough to play good golf with a bad grip so be sure to check the snuff box!

Ted Frick
2005 Carolinas PGA Section Teacher of the Year
Owner / Director of Instruction
Classic Swing Golf School (Located at Legends Resort)
P.O. Box 50955 Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
(843) 903-5560

I hope you enjoyed this tip.  For more information on Classic Swing Golf School, please visit the web site.  Now get out there!!!

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