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Good afternoon once again from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!   January’s nearly over and I want you all to think about this:

“Thoughts are powerful weapons for the mind, and we truly can control what we think. At the same time, thoughts influence the words that we use and words trigger pictures. Remarkably, pictures trigger actions. To reiterate, words trigger pictures, pictures trigger actions, and this process all begins with thoughts. I am not sure who authored the famous quote, “As you think you will become,” but I am a big believer in it! My point is that for many of us to play better golf in 2016 and beyond, we must think better.

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I challenge you to follow this protocol in 2016 and let it apply to golf or any area in life that is important to you. Once a week, before you turn out the lights, write down one affirmation that you will say to yourself daily. An example of golf affirmations are as follows:

1. Every time I look into a mirror this week I will tell myself I love my golf swing.
2. I have a great short game. I make all putts inside of 6 feet and I am a great chipper of the ball.
3. I always play to my strengths, and I take a deep cleansing breath before every shot.
4. I am a great driver of the ball.
5. I love the sand.

Fifty two weeks, fifty two affirmations, and a guarantee that as you think better you will play better.”  – Ted Frick

At the Classic Swing Golf School, we pride ourselves on ensuring customer satisfaction. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping each student achieve his/her golf goals while exceeding their expectations. Conveniently located in Myrtle Beach, at Legends Resort, we strive to provide the highest quality instruction along with the most fun and relaxing environment available.

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