lowered my handicap

After months of trying to decide if and where I wanted to attend a golf school i decided on Classic Swing. After having several lessons with different teachers and seeing no results i was skeptical. Upon arriving i knew this experience was going to be different, the approach they take to golf is much different and very informative. They don,t try and rip apart what you have but merely refine it through instruction and science behind the swing. When I arrived at the school in March 2012 i was a 18 plus handicap, today Aug 29 2012 i am a 12.8. Knowing what to practice and the correct swing plane practice has made all the difference in the world. To top it all off the guys and gals at Classic Swing are great,easy going, comical and proffesional. I flew down from New Dundee, Ontario, Canada and don,t regret a thing. Thanks guys

Steve Taylor

Name: Steve Taylor
City: new dundee
State: Ontario

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