Classic Swing Golf School – The weather could not be better than right now

Good afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach. Hey the weather could not be better than right now. We hope everyone in town this weekend has a great but safe time.

In case you were wondering, enjoy our FAQ!!!


Why are you our best choice?

Our program is personalized. It is specifically aimed at each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Our instructors have received national acclaim from students at every level, and from the PGA of America. The owner of the school, Ted Frick, directs each session and takes an active part in the school every day. The Classic Swing Golf School is one of GOLF Magazine’s Top 25 golf schools in America and happens to be one of the least expensive programs on this list. Our approach and curriculum assures each student the best instruction available. Our approach and curriculum assures each student the best instruction available.

Can you help even single digit handicaps?

We can fine tune different aspects of both the long and short game. We have worked with aspiring professionals, proven competitors and most of the pros on the Grand Strand.

Will you change my swing completely?

No. We build upon the skills you already have to help you achieve more consistency.

Will you video tape my swing?

We use the video camera extensively at 10,000 frames per second as well as stop action, audio voiceover, and telestration. Your video belongs to you and goes home with you on a CD.

What happens in foul weather?

We do not lose time due to inclement weather. Our covered hitting areas at the Legends help to protect us from Mother Nature. We also have indoor hitting bays with supreme lighting for high quality video analysis and instant feedback.

Are all your sessions for three days?

No, we offer shorter condensed versions of our regular school or schools that focus on certain aspects of the game. We can tailor a school to fit your time constraints.

What if I cancel?

If you need to change the date of your school, there is no charge. If you cancel less than 10 days in advance, we will refund half of your deposit. Cancellations prior to 10 days will be refunded except for a $20 administration fee. In the event of emergency cancellations, we will review each situation on a case by case basis.

Are your schools designed for seniors and women?

Our program is not physically exhausting. We allow each student to go at his/her own pace and we do not spend hour upon hour pounding golf balls, making it ideal for women and seniors. The Classic Swing Golf School also offers Ladies-Only Sessions.

How much improvement can I expect?

Results will vary with each student, but you should see some immediate results. Your take home video will also give you the basis for continued improvement.

Should I buy new equipment before I attend?

No. Part of our program includes testing each student’s equipment. We attempt to educate each student how to make a more informed choice for properly fitted equipment.

How do I reserve a place in the school?

To make a reservation, please call 1-800-827-2656 or fill out the registration form. When you call please have the name of each student, a mailing address for confirmation, phone number, and a $100 deposit per student. The deposit can be made with any of the four major forms of credit card. The balance will be due the first morning of school.

How many golf courses do you have on site?

The Legends Resort has three courses on site; Heathland, Moorland and Parkland.

Do I need a rental car?


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