Classic Swing Golf School – The important aspect of club fitting

Good afternoon once again from Classic Swing Golf School!  If you're a golfer who is about to invest in their game by purchasing a new set of clubs should you should make one more investment: a custom clubfitting.  Classic Swing believes that golfers should know as much about their equipment as the other aspects of their game.

Every golfer is a bit different in size, body shape and the shape of their golf swing. A custom clubfitting results in clubs that are specifically suited to an individual's height, strength, clubhead speed and swing characteristics.

Off-the-shelf golf clubs are one-size-fits-all, designed for the "typical" golfer. In this case, typical means someone 5-foot-9 or 5-10 who hits a 5- or 6-iron 160 yards. A golfer might get lucky with an off-the-shelf set, but many golfers will find themselves ill-suited to such a set.

Custom fitting golf clubs involves several easy measurements and a quick self-assessment of your game. You will see many fitting methods out there in the golf universe, but most of them center around the same pieces of information. This method is simple, accurate, and effective.

The Classic Swing Golf School makes custom fit golf clubs following a thorough club fitting and equipment evaluation session. This service is provided through a 10-Point Custom Club Fitting System. No single point holds any greater importance than another in this process. Many golfers are led to believe that the shaft type and head style are the only important characteristics of the golf club, but that attention to detail for all specifications will result in the ultimate golf club.

Classic Swing Golf School has earned many accolades on which to hang its hat. Classic Swing Golf School is honorably distinguished as one of the "Top 25 Golf Schools in America" by Golf Magazine and was also voted "The Best Golf School in Myrtle Beach" in 2008.

Classic Swing Golf School guarantees a maximum 3:1 student to teacher ratio in all golf schools and offers private golf lessons for those golfers that prefer one-on-one golf instruction.  Classic Swing also offers custom golf club fitting.  The staff of Classic Swing Golf School abides by their motto, "We Love What We Do and We GUARANTEE Improvement." We invite you to preview the Classic Swing Golf School experience today!,

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