Classic Swing Golf School – Take A Shot!

Good Friday afternoon from Santa and the Elves at the Classic Swing Golf School!  We know that lower scores are on every golfer’s holiday wish list, so Classic Swing put together the following list of tips and suggestions that are sure to help make your wishes come true!


Take A Shot

Based on the data gathered from the PGA Tour’s Shot Link program as well as Golfmetrics by Mark Broadie, the following golf shots, in order of importance to overall score, have proven to be the quickest way to reduce your score:
A)The shot with the greatest influence in lowering your golf score is the second shot. Therefore, rededicate your practice time to the clubs you most often use after you hit your tee ball.

B) After that, the shot that correlates most to lower scores is your tee shot. With whatever club you use here, most often the driver, strive for distance or simply MOVE UP A TEE!

C) The third shot in importance to lowering scores is the approach shot. For most this reflects the quality of your wedge game and includes chipping, pitching, and sand play around the green. (A Classic Swing Short Game School can help with that!)

D) Finally, (and much to Santa Ted’s surprise) is the putt. To excel in your putting, the Elves suggest you:

  • Become automatic on 4 footers (Spend much practice time here!)
  • From 15 feet and in, get all putts to the hole
  • From 20 to 40 footers, think about lag putting
Use the above list to influence your 2015 practice habits. Golf is unique to each individual and keeping stats is a way to recognize which part of your game is weak and which part is strong. A playing lesson with a Classic Swing Golf School Professional will help you set up a good practice schedule. (The Scoring School makes an excellent choice!)
Classic Swing makes registering online for upcoming golf schools quick and easy. Register today!

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