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Good morning from Classic Swing Golf School in Sunny Myrtle Beach!  If you’re thinking about golf instruction, come out to our school where personal attention, quality instruction, and a time honored curriculum are things that have made our school a success.

It’s a little chilly this week so I’ve spent some time reading up about the tour, check this out:

Can DJ repeat? Will Jordan Spieth have a bounce-back year? Our panel debates who will be the top player next season.

The new year, in golf and beyond its borders, is a house with many mansions, with many fresh starts, with many reasons to hope, to forget, and to hope again. What sport gives more fresh starts than golf? You halve the first, lose the second, win the third, take an X on four to go one down, and what do you think standing on the fifth tee? Fresh start.

The so-called “wrap-around season” is a tool of marketing. We know a new year when we see it. The new golf year begins at Kapalua, when Phil plays at Torrey Pines, at the Masters. The new golf year begins when you play your first round, when Lydia Ko and Co. congregate at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas in late January, when your after-work golf league begins again in late April, when coach tapes a sign-up sheet for spring tryouts on her classroom door.  

Could this be golf’s best year EVER? Yeah, sure, it could be. – by Michael Bamberger,
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