Classic Swing Golf School – Why golfers wear golf gloves

Here’s another bit of trivia from your friends at Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Have you ever wondered why golfers wear golf gloves?

The first golf gloves were invented in the late nineteenth century, but golf gloves were not widely used until the 1950s. The popularity of golf gloves in the twentieth century probably coincides with the development and popularity of rubber golf grips. Prior to that, most grips were made of leather and were easy to maintain a firm grip even when the hands got sweaty. But rubber grips tend to be slipperier when wet and the golf glove became a necessary part of a golfer’s equipment.

golf glove

So, you may now be wondering why there is only one glove worn instead of two. The top hand is the leading hand of the grip and maintains 100% contact with the club grip, so if the leading hand get wet or sweats, the club tends to slip and twist. The bottom hand only partially grips the top hand with the rest of the hand holds the club in the fingers. Since the bottom hand is the dominant hand, this grip allows the bottom hand to feel the club with adds more control.

PGA Tour - 2007 Shell Houston Open - First Round

The other reason to wear a golf glove is perhaps the most important one…to look like a golfer.
Now, if you really, really want to look like a golfer, come see our professionals at Classic Swing Golf School, it’s one thing to look like a golfer, it’s a better thing to play like one!

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