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It seems that all presidents are sports fans, each year for instance, the champions of the major professional sports leagues get invited to the White House for a visit with the President. Several presidents were athletes in their own right, for instance Dwight Eisenhower played football at West Point once tackling the great Jim Thorpe.

Gerald Ford was an outstanding football player in the 1930s, captaining two undefeated football teams at the University of Michigan. George H. W. Bush was the starting first baseman and captain of the Yale baseball team and played in the first college world series.

On a less competitive level, Richard Nixon installed bowling lanes in the white House, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush enjoyed running and Barack Obama in known to organize pick-up basketball games.

No sport however, is as closely associated with the presidency as golf. Although not much of a golfer, Woodrow Wilson is said to have played more than 1000 rounds of golf, followed by Eisenhower who logged more than 800 rounds.

Other presidents played at golf clumsily, such as Nixon and Ford, while Clinton and Bush-41 were more gifted and enjoyed the game. Although Ford, Reagan George H. W. Bush and Clinton were all left-handed, they all played right-handed and only the current president Barack Obama plays left-handed.


Prior to contracting polio in his late 30s, Franklin Roosevelt was said to be a very good golfer routinely scoring in the 70s. Thirty years later Lyndon Johnson used the golf course to cajole congressional leaders when he needed votes.

Golf experts consider John F. Kennedy as the best golfer of all. In spite of his bad back and Addison’s disease, as well as his relatively short term, Kennedy’s enjoyed playing during his White House years and his swing was admired and described as “sweet” by fellow golfers.


Although many of us dream of being the president, most will never have the chance, but we can all be good golfers and a visit to the Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach can make that dream come true.

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