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Good day from Classic Swing Golf School.  We're having exceptionally beautiful and warm weather this week.  If you live here or are just visiting, get out and enjoy a round of golf (or a golf lesson).  There are plenty of courses to choose from; as far as lessons go, Classic Swing Golf School is the one to choose.  

Now for what's happening.  It's finally here. Day 1 of the Masters Tournament.  Most golf fans in Myrtle Beach had their eyes on Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player as they hit the ceremonial first tee shots this morning in Augusta.  Then they provided insight into their experience:

“It was a great thrill, having this wonderful relationship, great friendship with Arnold and Jack for a long, long time,” Player said. “We’ve even cried together, and we’ve laughed together, and we’ve had good times.”

Who do you think hit the ball further off the first tee?

“I don’t think any of us can see that far,” Nicklaus quipped. “We can hear them all land though.”

They all hit the fairway; it was reported that Player drove his ball the furthest at 236 yards,  In case you're wondering, Nicklaus' drive was 218 yards and Palmer's 185 yards.  Gotta love those three legends.

Shortly after, Henrik Stenson made two eagles while Tiger Woods made two shots into the trees.  Both were on the leaderboard early in the first round of the Masters, but Stenson's position was much better.

Stenson then surged to 6-under par through the first 10 holes. Woods scrambled his way back from early mistakes to make the turn at 1 under, in a tie for sixth and trailing Stenson by five.  

Under hopefully clear and sunny skies, the tradition continues.  Enjoy the Masters!


Whether or not you watch the tournament, be sure you contact Classic Swing Golf School.  Classic Swing is a golf instruction institution that will meet your needs, from beginning golfers making their first steps out onto the greens to top-level players and instructors looking for certification. Located at1500 Legends Road in Myrtle Beach, classes begin every Monday and Thursday.  There's always a maximum 3:1 student to teacher ratio.  For more information, please call 843-903-5560 or to to

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