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Hitting Against

Your Body
Force Application 101 has been the primary theme of our newsletter tips for 2017. We have stressed the importance of the hands as the source of motion for the golf swing since your sole attachment to the club comes through the hands.  The hands, together with the arms become the true movers and swingers of the golf club.
So where does that leave the body? The body as a whole becomes a powerful component when it’s supporting the hands and arms and NOT trying to lead them.
In my 25 years’ of teaching experience, I have witnessed disaster when players try to pull on the golf club– especially when initiating the downswing with the left shoulder or left hip.
The buzz word for this year is PUSH, and with these purposeful drills, we will work to push the club against the body.
1. The Passive 
Left Shoulder Drill
Whoosh it late
 to hit it great!
2. The Right Arm Only Drill
(Hitting against a
passive left shoulder)
3. The Super-Closed 
Body Swing
These drills have one thing in common. Do you recognize it? Try…
closed shoulders at impact!
The closed shoulder drills shut the body down so the arms can swing against the body and on an in-to-out path. Like us on Facebook to view the video.
To conclude, in each drill always move into full extension of your right arm deep into the follow through. Learn to train your body to support the swing; a good feeling is to keep the left shoulder passive in the entire downswing until well after you hit the ball.
Next month, the importance of the right hip!

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