Classic Swing Golf School – Changes coming to the FedEx Cup?

Good sunny Thursday from Classic Swing Golf School!  Who's taking advantage of this gorgeous weather?  With Summer over and the temps going down, this is a perfect time to be out playing or taking lessons with Ted and his staff at Classic Swing.  If you can't make it out, at least check out Ted's Training Videos available at the web site.    

The PGA Tour's season comes to a conclusion this week at East Lake and the points will be reset so that all 30 players have a chance of being crowned the champion.  Check out this prediction:

Changes coming?
By Bob Harig |

While there does not appear to be big changes coming to the FedEx Cup playoffs, commissioner Tim Finchem acknowledged there will be discussions about tweaks to the system.

Specifically, the amount of volatility that can see a player zoom so many places for high finishes in the playoff events.

"We like volatility, but is it too much volatility?" Finchem said. "We want players focused on playing pretty well during the season, then, 'I've got to keep it going during the playoffs, and I've got to play well in Atlanta,' …

"The question is if you have that much volatility in the first couple of weeks of the playoffs, does it throw that off a little bit? You want the season to mean a lot. So that's what we're looking at."

There have been comments made by players that too many points are offered at the playoff events. A win during the regular season at a non-major event is worth 500 points. It's worth 2,500 points at the Barclays, Deutsche Bank and BMW Championship — or as many as five wins during the season — before the points are reset heading into the Tour Championship.

A couple of ideas have been kicked around, such as reducing the points at the first three events to three times the amount awarded, or 1,500 for a win. Or perhaps gradually raising them as the playoffs progress.

Finchem said he expects the issue to be taken up by the PGA Tour's policy board in November, with any decision being rendered before the start of the new year.

"I sit here and think it's great now this year," said Adam Scott, who won the Barclays and is third in the points. "But I was cursing it last year because I played well [in the playoffs] and go backwards.

"But I think it's working well. I think we've all got our heads around it now."

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