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"The average golfer’s problem is not so much a lack of ability as it is a lack of knowing what he should do.” Ben Hogan

Good afternoon from Classic Swing Golf School in Myrtle Beach!  Are you looking for a Golf School?  Ted and the other instructors at Classic Swing are well-qualified and committed to teaching you to know what you should do to improve your game.  

I think we all agree that I believe the first place to start work on distance is by getting into a program of hitting the ball in the center of the club face.  Enjoy this tip from Ted!

Shaft and Clubface Impact Alignments

When addressing the ball, the clubface should be square to the back of the ball. Also, the leading edge of the club needs to be perpendicular to the target line so that the clubface is correctly aimed at your target. However, the alignment of the clubface and leading edge of the golf club change at impact due to the path of the orbiting clubhead in the down stroke. Because the sweet spot of the clubface must orbit to the ball from inside the target line, the clubface is square to the back inside quadrant of the ball at impact. The clubface appears to be open at impact, but with educated hands and proper rotation of the body, the clubface ends up square to the target line at separation.

With regards to the alignment of the shaft in the full swing, the handle, or grip, of the club is even with the ball 90% of the time at address. However, at impact, the handle should beat the shaft and clubhead back to the golf ball. The shaft needs to lean forward 100% of the time at impact. In order to hit a golf ball with an accelerating alignment, the shaft must lean forward at the initial point of contact.

A key point to note when discussing the clubface and shaft is there is a difference between the initial point of contact (Impact) and separation (when the ball leaves the clubface). This tip is about impact, not separation.

In conclusion, the clubface is square to the back of the ball at address, and at impact, the clubface is square to the back inside quadrant of the golf ball. At address, the shaft is in a neutral condition, and at impact, there is a definite forward lean to the shaft. Next month, we will focus on swinging down and out with forearm roll.

Ted Frick
2005 Carolinas PGA Section Teacher of the Year
Owner / Director of Instruction
Classic Swing Golf School (Located at Legends Resort)
P.O. Box 50955 Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
(843) 903-5560

Classic Swing Golf School has earned many accolades on which to hang its hat. Classic Swing Golf School is honorably distinguished as one of the "Top 25 Golf Schools in America" by Golf Magazine and was also voted "The Best Golf School in Myrtle Beach" in 2008.

Classic Swing Golf School guarantees a maximum 3:1 student to teacher ratio in all golf schools and offers private golf lessons for those golfers that prefer one-on-one golf instruction.  Classic Swing also offers custom golf club fitting.  The staff of Classic Swing Golf School abides by their motto, "We Love What We Do and We GUARANTEE Improvement." We invite you to preview the Classic Swing Golf School experience today!  Be sure to check out our videos on YOUTUBE!

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