Better AFTER 60!

At 58 I was a self-taught golfer [the combination of an ignorant teacher and a stubborn student]. When I retired and had more time to play golf I had two choices: continue to play inconsistent golf OR actually learn how to play the game. I luckily chose #2 and the Classic Swing School was my way to better golf. I retired with about a 20 index. Since two full class sessions and one ‘scoring school’ session (OK, so I’m a slow learner!), I have lowered my index to now an 11 [twice I’ve dipped to 9+]. I’ve also shot a par round and recently carded a 74 with a 33 on the back which included 4 birds. BTW, I play from 6000 yd tees on a good course. I’ve recommended Classic Swing to others and my cousin and my brother have attended. If you want to play the best golf per your physical ability, you need to be a good student in a top school.

Name: Bruce Woods
City: Seneca
State: SC

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