Ted, Eddie, Mark, Natalie, Justin,

I want to thank each of you for a great three days of informative, well organized, and entertaining golf instruction.  It was better than I had imagined it would be, and the extra care and attention given to my daughter is appreciated more than I can express in words.  She has enjoyed playing at the Middle School and High School level, and being a part of a team, but she was inspired in those three days to maximize the talent she has and now wants to play at a higher level.  To have folks who truly know the game and took  the time to provide such  a degree of personal one on one instruction made it difficult for her to leave. Se has already asked to return.  The offers to continue to help her have done more to motivate her than all the encouragement I have tried to provide over the years, thank you.

Ted you have a great group of instructors.  The tips she received on her swing from Eddie, the putting advice from Natalie, the bunker game from Mark and Justin working on her three wood were by themselves alone worth the price of admission.  To each of you I apologize for not getting all of your business cards and email addresses.  We went back to the school after our final round to do so and were too late.

Hope to see you soon, thanks again for all your help. Ted please pass my sincere gratitude to those whose email addresses are not included.  It is my hope to bring Angela back for the Scoring School after her school year lets out.


Greg, Angela and Gary M.

Royce, as I perused Classic Swing’s webpage and stumbled across your
photo, I’m almost positive that in Oct 2003, you made the irons I’m
still using today! You were in Surfside at the time, right?
In fact, last winter here in Minnesota, I went to the local Golf Galaxy
and worked with the pro for over an hour, swinging all the latest and
greatest clubs on the market and after a careful analysis, he said he
couldn’t in good conscious, sell me new clubs….the ones I have were
best suited to me. Wow.
I’ll be in MB next week and hope to stop by just to confirm his
analysis!… Hoping to say hi…and show off your handiwork from 11 years ago.

Jim P. Burnsville, MN


Paul Woodbury


Want to give a special thanks to Ted Frick and the Classic Swing Golf School for helping me out tremendously with my golf swing and for getting me ready to win my first NGA event!   – Paul Woodbury







Hole in one!

“New custom shaft 8 iron” Ted Frick’s Classic Swing School.
Woodlands Country Club, Ft Lauderdale Fl.
8th hole 151 yards, Strait in the cup. No roll at all. – Rodney Hart




I want to thank you for making my 3 days a memorable experience. I was at the 3 day school last week (November 2013) with Jeff. I learned how I can improve my game so that I can use my natural ability to get to the type of golfer I want to be. The work on the basics of my swing – posture and inside quadrant – are having immediate affects. My drives and long irons are much more consistent. I had one of my best rounds on Sunday at MB National North course with a green tee 80. My concentration to details taught during the week really paid off. I know that I will be back next summer – probably August, to continue to work on my short game. Thank you! – Rob H. Myrtle Beach, SC

Congratulations to Eden Howard, one of Classic Swing’s students, who plays golf for Hartsville High School. Eden shot a 74 in the SC Lower State Qualifier on October 22, 2013 to earn Medalist honors. According to the Sun News, her score was also a new course record at the Hackler Course! Way to go Eden! Classic Swing Facebook

Classic Swing School really helped me with my game and cut 10 strokes per round.  My wife, though she was only a beginner, saw improvement after the school and was very interested in how I could help her.  I showed her everything I could, but since every player is unique,  and the staff there was infinitely more knowledgable and patient than me, we decided to go to the school together.  Both of our games have significantly improved, and so has our relationship.  We play golf together several times a week and have a whole new enjoyment of the game. – Dan R. Iowa City, IA

My son and I attended the three day school and enjoyed it very much. The instruction received was very good and delivered in a manor that was understandable to both beginners and experienced golfers. Individual attention was provided while also allowing for specific questions and demonstration. We can’t wait to go back for more. – Vince M. North Canton, OH

I went from a brand new golfer with “hand me down” clubs on the first morning to a confident novice on the third day. Thanks to Ted and his professional staff, I was able to hit the ball in different situations needed on the course. They helped me and the entire class with their knowledge and experience to explain and answer all questions in the curriculum. I highly recommend this school for all levels of experience. – Anthony K.  Middletown, CT

Ted is a great teacher, not only will he analyze your swing(flaws) but make it so you understand what is going on. From there you will work drills that will be repeatable when you leave. I came in this week with what I knew was a full swing flaw, which could not be corrected by a few pros back home. Thanks Ted, time well spent. – Steve A. Westport, CT

Any Pro can tell you what is wrong with your swing. Ted and his staff not only tell you, but explain and show you why your doing it. They work and drill you to give you an understanding of your swing and the correct swing. For the first time I truly understand the true fundamentals of the golf swing and am on my way to better golf. Thank you for a terrific 3 days. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. I recommend this class to anyone,at any level, who plays the game.Ted is a true Master at his craft. Thanks again. – Frank G. Brewster, NY

When I attended the 3 day school in August (I’m a beginner), we were told to write down our golf goal. I wrote in my book my goal was to break 100. Well, it happened !!! November 2nd at Legends Heathland Course, I scored a 99 !!! 50 on the front nine and 49 on the back !!!! Thanks again !!!  Nicholas Manocchio



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