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In this previous Spring Newsletter from Ted, you will get the best golf instruction from a great golf instructor from Classic Swing Golf School.
Can you believe spring is just around the corner? It is time to get the cobwebs off those wedges! There is no better place in the bag to start your 2008 practice than with your wedges. My favorite ball striking drill with the wedges is the One Arm Bandit. As always, I am writing this tip as a right-handed golfer due the number of right-handed players vs. left-handed golfers.

All golfers must differentiate between the leading and the trailing arm in the golf swing and the responsibilities of each arm in the motion. The hands, arms, and shoulders in the golf swing form a triangle. This triangle is known as the power package. The power package will accumulate, load, store, deliver, and transfer power from the arms to the golf club, as well as, from the club to the ball in the golf swing. The major, not minor, source of power will come from the right, or trailing, arm of the triangle.

The right arm must fold in the backswing, in a manner similar to the motion of a punch, in order to accumulate power. For optimal leverage, the trailing arm should fold to no more than a 90-degree angle. In order to deliver power, just like in a punching motion, the trailing arm must straighten. Your downswing thought should be to fully extend the right arm on the back inside quadrant of the golf ball. In martial arts, as you straighten the right arm, you incorporate a roll action of the forearm to add velocity to the stroke. The same roll action of the forearm should also happen in the golf swing. Remember these buzz words; fold, straighten, and roll. That is fold to accumulate, straighten to deliver, and roll to transfer the momentum.
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The right arm must fold in the backswing to no more than a 90� angle.

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Your downswing thought should be to fully extend the trailing arm on the back inside quadrant of the golf ball.

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Incorporate a roll action of the forearm to add velocity to the stroke.

The lead arm of the triangle must be treated as an inert (lifeless) rope. The right arm does all the dirty work; hence, the drill termed the One Arm Bandit. Teeing a golf ball up and tossing another golf ball at it with the trailing arm (as shown in the accompanying pictures) or hitting the ball with a wedge using the right arm only will truly give you the sensation needed to understand the responsibility of the arms. Be sure to fold, straighten, and roll the trailing in arm in the drill. This is the One Arm Bandit drill.

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