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“If you can’t aim the arrow, don’t worry about the Indian.” I am not sure who takes credit for that wonderful one liner but it is certainly relevant in my world as a golf instructor. Homer Kelley, author of The Golfing Machine, listed a strait Plane Line as one of his Three Basic Imperatives. As you follow this month’s tip please keep in mind the terms target line, plane line, aim line, line of flight, and base line of the incline plane are SYNONYMOUS. Simply put, in the game of golf, your clubface needs to be aimed at your target as a rule–you break the rule, you pay the penalty!


So how is the target line established?


From behind the ball, visually run an imaginary line from your ball to your target. (In picture at right, the red line denotes the target line.)

Find a spot on your target line within 2 feet of the ball–an off shade color of grass, shadow, etc. (See the white spot in front of the ball.) It is imperative this spot be on your target line so you can use it as a reference to aim your clubface.


The yellow alignment stick in the picture is for your stance, or body line. The goal is to get your toe line, hip line, and shoulder line all parallel to your target line. In this parallel configuration, your body is square to your target.

So why is it important to have to your body set up square and parallel to this most important line of flight? I like how my mentor, Tom Tomasello, put it, “If your club face is not aimed at your target and body square to this line then your golf swing is simply a faulty procedure made of compensations.” If you want to improve your swing path and directly influence where your golf ball starts out, then you must learn to respect these lines. According to Homer, “Golf is a game of alignments.” If your goal is to hit more fairways and greens this year, then review last month’s topic on grip and learn how to use correct alignments to get aimed properly!

Next month’s topic, Posture.                    

Ted SignatureTed Frick

Owner/Director of Instruction

Classic Swing Golf School

2005 Carolinas PGA Section Teacher of the Year

TPI Level 1 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

G.S.E.D., The Golfing Machine



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