The Splash!

If you saw it live, you know it was truly remarkable! If you don't know what I am talking about, it is the Bill Haas explosion shot from the water on the 2nd playoff hole of the Tour Championship. The Golf Channel has already done several shows on the probability and technique used to pull off this incredible shot. Let's all forget about the spin that was imparted on the ball, as Bill himself said, "For the ball to spin was pure luck." Things to take from this month's tip are when and when not to try such a fantasy shot, as well as the set up and mechanics for execution. Let's remember that 99.9% of you do not play golf for a living, and a large percent of you have a golf handicap over 10, so please know when to take your medicine.

Here are the times when you should not take the risk:

1) Your initial investigation of the ball shows that more than 50 % of the ball is submerged in water. This leaves some scary discretion for some of you, so if you cannot see some dimples exposed in the air, do not attempt it. Why? The weight of the water will simply be too heavy and the odds will dramatically fall in favor of disaster.

2) If a good portion of the ball is exposed BUT when you go to take your stance the water level appears to rise on the ball, do not hit the shot. Sorry, but the soil or sand under the ball is too soft making this shot too difficult.

3) For obvious reasons, if there is a gator anywhere nearby. Even for 10 million dollars, your life is more valuable than the shot!

Picture 1 Sep 11

Now, you should take the risk when:

1) At least 50% of the ball is above the water.

2) You have firm footing when taking your stance.

3) You have a good greenside bunker game!

Picture 2 Sep 11

The technique is nothing but a simple greenside explosion bunker shot where you try to hit no more than 2 inches before the ball. If the lie allows, place the ball position and weight distribution forward in your stance. Now, focus your eyes on the water and be precise with where you want the club to enter. Do not look at the ball. For most of you, it is now time to hope and pray, and always make a full finish accelerating through the water.

Ted Frick

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